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Full Sex Clips
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If you have broadband and are looking to download full length sex movies, then Huge Mpegs is definitely worth a look. They have over 1,000 GB of movies online.  You can download full lenght movies or shorter 2 minute long clips. They have the movies categorized into categories like asian, cumshots, threesomes, lesbian, etc. And they have a search utility so you can find what you want very quickly. You can type in anything you want and if it matches any of the movies they have, you get back list of those movies. And you can be really specific and search for multiple things within one query, like "asian threesome anal", and you will get back scenes that have all of those things in them if there are any. And there are for that one :) And if you are into cumshots, they have hundreds of cumshot mpegs you can download. And you have to see their huge collection of POV porn videos. I am a huge fan of the POV style where they film the whole scene from the guy's point of view so it is like you are having sex with all the hot babes. They have over 80 POV porn scenes that you can download in full length.  Plus they have 5 hd porn movies - yes real 720p high defintion. So for high quality movies, and a few in real hd, this is a great site.

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Don't pass by Sapphic Erotica if you are fan of lesbian videos. They have some of the highest quality lesbian clips that I have ever seen on an adult site. These clips look truly excellent at full screen, and you can download the whole 20 to 30 minute scene in one long clip. That way you don't have to keep download short 1 minute clips like at a lot of other sites. They have over 100 hours of movies online, and over 50,000 high resolution photos. Now that is a lot of content, and it is not the crappy filler content you get at some sites. It is original, high quality stuff.

And the girls are usually super hot. They get these super hot Czech girls I think. And these young women just have a real passion for lesbian sex - they really seem to enjoy making love to each other - and that makes the movies really erotic. Lots of sexy kissing and long foreplay before they get into it a little more. Take a look at the quality of their sample clips and you will see for yourself that these are some really premium videos.

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